Fall 2016 ASP Exam Catalogue Released

The Examination Committee has just released the Fall 2016 ASP Exam Catalogue.  The catalogue can be accessed in the site’s download section or you may also click here.

Some highlights from the newly released catalogue:

  1. Exams for the Fall Season will be held on December 5 and 9.
  2. For ASP I, key changes to the exam versus the syllabus used in Spring 2016 are summarized below:
    • Addition of a reading from the Society of Actuaries of Ireland on the Role of Non-Life Actuaries
    • Addition of a presentation by Mr. Augusto Hidalgo regarding the Role of Non-Life Actuaries from a Management Perspective
  3. For ASP II, only one addition has been made:
    • Addition of IC Circular 41-2016 (Minimum Capitalization and Financial Capacity Requirements of HMOs)

The Exam Catalogue also contains valuable information on membership requirements of the society as well as the registration form for locally-administered exams.

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