General Information

The Actuarial Society of the Philippines accredits and administers a series of self-study courses and examinations in the fields of application of actuarial science leading to Associateship and Fellowship qualifications. The principles underlying the examination system are as follows:

a) To provide the actuary with an understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and how they are applied;

b) To provide the actuary with an accurate picture of the socio-demographic, political, legal, and economic environments within which financial arrangements operate;

c) To expose the actuary to a broad range of techniques, their applications and limitations;

d) To expose the actuary to a broad range of relevant actuarial practice;

e) To develop the actuary’s sense of inquisitiveness so as to encourage exploration unto areas where traditional methods and practice do not appear to work effectively.

The ASP Examination System combines components from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) examination system through an accreditation process, together with locally-administered examinations which test the candidate’s understanding of regulations and considerations specifically applicable to Philippine actuarial practice.

The ASP offers an Exam Now Pay Later program to interested and qualified candidates. Please click here for more information.